Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 - A Year of OPPORTUNITY.
This year has been and continues to be FULL of opportunity. Opportunity to serve, here at home, at my job daily, in my church and to the ends of the earth and I couldn't be MORE EXCITED! I am reminded of

John 10:10
The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

I can honestly say I have experienced both sides of this verse this year and I am embracing the latter. God has blessed more than I could imagine and I am walking through every door He opens!

That said, here's what the year looks like!

January '14-God gave me an incredible week leading and serving in Harmons, Jamaica with Won by One. It truly was a refreshing and healing week for me. I heard God speak very clear messages to me all week long and I experienced His presence through time spent with Him, through my Jamaican brothers and sisters in Christ and also through my team. It was truly another life changing trip.

April '14- I have another opportunity to go and serve for 3 weeks in Peru and Ecuador.

May '14/June '14 - this summer I have a new opportunity that I am very excited about! Won by One to Jamaica {the ministry I have served with yearly for the last 6 years through my church} has asked me to come and mentor their summer staff. Their summer staff is comprised of 7-8 college students from the states. The summer staff serves for 8 weeks in Harmons as they help lead the teams that come through each week. I will be traveling down May 25-June 8 & June 22-July 6 to go and serve along side of them as a Spiritual Director. Discipleship is a great passion of mine and I am most excited about mentoring these students and helping them on their journey's of knowing and experiencing Christ. Please pray with me for clear direction from God as to the needs they have and how I can be used in their lives to make an eternal impact.

October '14 - Peru - My church will be taking a team back to the same children's home in Peru that I will be visiting in April and I am excited to go and serve once again with them.

You might say....WOW, THAT'S ALOT! You are SO RIGHT, it is! And my heart couldn't be beating any faster as I type I am listening to "the Lord our God is ever Faithful, never changing through the ages...You're the Lord our God....we won't move without You, we wont move without You Lord!" He has shown His faithfulness over and over to me and I am determined to be grateful for EVERYTHING He gives. He has given me GREAT OPPORTUNITY this year and I want it ALL!

Would you pray with me...

Pray for God's presence to continue to be tangible and sustaining.
Pray that I stay healthy in all of these travels and while at home.
Pray that I would take every opportunity to tell my story at home, to my family and friends, to my clients at work and to take EVERY OPPORTUNITY God gives here to lift His name high!

Humbled and Grateful,